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BHG: The 4 Best Wine Glasses of 2023, According to Testing

Posted on 06/06/23

BHG: The 4 Best Wine Glasses of 2023, According to Testing

Better Homes & Gardens, June 6, 2023, By Michelle Love


"Knowing which wine glass to serve at dinner can seem intimidating to those who may be new to the ins and outs of the beverage. Using the best wine glass for a red, white, or sparkling wine can make a world of difference in the drinking experience. The correct wine glass can enhance the aromatics, the taste, and how enjoyable the wine is.


We tested 22 different wine glasses over 32 hours to compile a list of the best wine glasses. During our testing, these glasses provided a well-rounded and thorough wine tasting experience and a durable design.


Best Overall: Gabriel-Glas StandArt Crystal Wine Glass


The Gabriel-Glas StandArt Crystal Wine Glass earned the top spot in our testing, making it the best wine glass. Made from pure Austrian crystal, it stood out from a traditional wine glass with its wide bottom basin that’s more square than it is round, giving it a bell glass shape. Because of its design, this glass is a universal wine glass that can handle all varietals of wine.


During testing, we found that the mouth of the glass was wide enough for us to sip comfortably and get enough of the wine that we could really experience the flavors. The wide bottom of the bowl allowed plenty of room for the wine to aerate, which increased its boldness in flavor. The design of the glass also allowed it to be held comfortably by either the stem or the bowl.


The thickness of this glass proved to be sturdy yet elegant, as the lip of the glass was thin but felt balanced with the thickness of the base. The thin lip is designed to concentrate the aromas, and the slender curve up the side of the glass helped to provide more air contact with the wine.


While we did experience pleasant flavors with this wine glass, we did have to swirl the wine for longer compared to other wine glasses we tested to taste the enhanced flavor.


We also felt that the glass’s price was a great deal—we were expecting the glass to be more expensive, based on its quality. We recommend this glass for those who enjoy all varietals of wine on a regular basis, whether casual or formal.


During the dishwasher testing, the glass showed no signs of damage or fragility against a normal wash cycle. It’s available in a set of two or six, or it can be purchased as a single.


“I’ve always been a huge fan of the Gabriel-Glas wine glasses,” Terrell says. “They’re great quality, well worth what you pay for them.”


Our Ratings:

Appearance 5/5

Thickness 4.5/5

Weight 4.5/5

Design 4.5/5

Performance 4.5/5


Product Details: Material: Crystal | Capacity: 16 ounces | Height: Not listed | Care: Dishwasher safe"

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