The One for All Wine Glass

Gabriel-Glas is a true universal wine glass that is flattering to all types of wine; red, white, rose, and sparkling.

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Stunning Lead-Free Crystal

Made from carefully sourced, low-iron sand that is blended with a proprietary mix of metals and purifiers that add clarity and brilliance while also strengthening the material.

Designed To Decant

The broader diameter at the base of the bowl and the gentle conical shape is purposefully designed to open the wine’s aromas and drive the bouquet.

Precise Details

The rim of the glass is laser-cut and diamond polished to be both incredibly thin and chip resistant.

Seamless Construction

A single piece of molten crystal is blown into the signature shape of the bowl, the stem is pulled, and the footplate is formed all without any joints, seams, or glues.

Dishwasher Safe

EU tested for brilliance and clarity after 1,000 washing cycles.

The Preferred Universal Wine Glass

StandArt | Machine-Blown Wine Glasses

The Little Black Dress of Stemware

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Gold Edition | Hand-Blown Wine Glasses

Matchstick-Thin, Light As Air. Singular.

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Beautiful design and unparalleled craftsmanship

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The Story

René Gabriel, his wife Karin, and daughter Melanie

René is a renowned wine critic and writer. His frustration with an ever-expanding array of “variety-specific” wine glasses led to a journey which culminated in a true, universal wine glass.

More About Gabriel-Glas
  • “ Does the Gabriel-Glas do something magical to the wine that my Sangiovese/Riesling goblets don’t? Honestly, I have no idea. What I do know is that the Gabriel-Glas feels impossibly lightweight and luxurious to hold. It heightens my pleasure at the table the way a beautiful linen napkin does, or a vase of fresh flowers. And yes, when the food is good and the conversation is flowing, the glass does occasionally feel perfect.”

    Esther Mobley

    San Francisco Chronicle

    February 3, 2022

  • “ If you want something that looks and feels more special than the Libbey glass and showcases wines with more nuance (particularly wines in the over $20 per bottle category), we recommend the Gabriel-Glas StandArt. It’s versatile and performed as well in our taste tests as glasses costing twice as much. Nice glasses shouldn’t be reserved for special occasions, so we appreciate that the StandArt isn’t so expensive that you’ll be afraid to use it every day.”

    Eve O'Neill, Michael Sullivan and Tammie Teclemariam

    NY Times Wirecutter

    December 3, 2020

  • “Seemingly spun from some crystalline gossamer, the top-of-the-range Gabriel is of a helium lightness, the elegantly waisted, paper-thin bowl floating on a match-thin stem. But the bowl plumply bottoms out: for all its delicacy it looks robustly functional, and despite weighing little more than a cobweb it has an artisanal heft in the hand. This is a very, very nice glass, developed by the Swiss wine writer René Gabriel.”

    Adam Lechmere and Matt Smith

    Club Oenologique

    March 4, 2021

  • “Again, these two glasses [StandArt & Gold Edition] share the exact same shape, which is designed to bring out the best of almost any still or sparkling wine with its broad bowl and gently-sloped walls. My first thought when tasting from the StandArt was that it made my $20 Pinot feel like a $50 Pinot, the Gold Edition amping up the experience even further with its razor-thin lip and barely-thereness.”

    Céline Bossart

    NBC News

    December 9, 2020

  • “ Gabriel-Glas is the invention of Swiss-German wine critic René Gabriel. The brand hails from Austria, and has positioned itself as a sort of antidote to the overly fussy world of high-end glassware by offering a standardized, eminently usable wine glass that cruises alongside any wine in the world. It does this by offering a wide bowl (for ample aromafication), a thin glass (a classy touch), and a long, graceful stem (so your grubby paws don’t warm the wine).”

    Jordan Michelman


    September 24, 2021

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