Discover the Latest Set of Two Wine Glasses from Gabriel Glas

Posted on 18/08/17

Discover the Latest Set of Two Wine Glasses from Gabriel Glas - Gabriel-Glas North America

Gabriel-Glas, the stunning “One for All” universal wine glass that is ideal for any style of wine, makes a fabulous gift.  The glass is specifically designed to fully express the qualities of red, white and sparkling wine – any wine — served in the vessel.  The set of two wine glasses of the StandArt glass makes a great gift for wine aficionados, and the Gold Edition blown glass will impress even the most discerning wine lover.

Gabriel-Glas, a lead-free crystal glass that is dishwasher safe, was designed by one of Europe’s most renowned wine critics, René Gabriel.  As Gabriel prepared to author the German language version of the “Wine Bible”, he searched the market for one glass in which to taste many thousand of wines.  Since he was unable to find the glass that performed to his satisfaction, he decided to create the ideal glass, and Gabriel-Glas was born.

Gabriel-Glas is broader at the base of the bowl, allowing for the wine it holds to have more surface to air contact, and it has a conical shape at the top which captures and drives the aromas.  Many top sommeliers, winemakers and industry insiders around the country are gravitating to Gabriel-Glas because of the way it delivers the aromas and flavors of the wine served in the glass.

Now you, your friends and your family can enjoy Gabriel-Glas at home.  The glass is packaged in one, two and six glass gift sets and is shipped throughout North America.  The boxed sets are stunning black boxes with silver lettering, making for a most impressive gift.  The set of two wine glasses is our biggest seller – it allows the recipient to try out Gabriel-Glas with a friend!

And once a customer is in possession of a set of two wine glasses from Gabriel-Glas, they are more than likely to come back to purchase many more.  Our customers recognize that Gabriel-Glas offers maximum wine drinking pleasure and are loyal to our brand!

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