Mustards Grill

Driving through the world famous Napa Valley, one is easily struck by the stunning, natural beauty of the vineyards. Cruise north of Yountville and you’ll be equally struck by the beyond-temping sign for the venerable Mustards Grill which reads, in part. “Sorry Everything Is Delicious”…which pretty much sums up the amazing food of Chef Cindy Pawlcyn and Sean Knight.

Michelin Guide, 2023

“At this iconic roadhouse, it’s a joy to eat your greens—imagine freshly plucked lettuces from the bountiful garden boxes. In fact, Chef Pawlcyn is a wine country pioneer for incorporating on-site gardens that produce ingredients routinely seen on this seasonal menu. The fish of the day may unveil grilled halibut sauced with oxtail reduction and plated with silken leeks and fingerling potatoes. But, save room as this is not the place to skip dessert; and the lemon-lime tart capped with brown sugar meringue fittingly described on the menu as “ridiculously tall” doesn’t disappoint.”

Mustards Grill Features The StandArt Glass

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