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Code38 P-Type Pro X

The Pro X model is a skeletal version of the Pro. Lighter weight with equal strength.
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The Pro X model was a response to the request for a lighter weight version. Sections of the body were milled out giving a unique skeletal aesthetic. In the hand, the Pro X is noticeably lighter, and the additions of black titanium coating on the helix, foil blade and piston add a touch of ease to operation.

Product Highlights

  • Body & Lifter are milled from a solid stainless steel bar
  • Custom conical-tapered helix in stainless steel with black titanium coating
  • Blade is made from 440C knife-grade stainless steel black titanium coating
  • Black titanium coated oversized piston and spring assembly
  • Designed and built for heavy use in professional environments
  • Handmade in a solar-powered facility in Australia
  • Ships separately
A Note from Jonah

"The Code38 Pro X is Jeff Toering (maker of the Code38) almost showing off his knowledge of material. To hollow out portions of the body and lever without compromising the integrity of the steel is almost wizardry. For Sommeliers and wine professionals, this is the go-to wine key."

  • Weight - 95 g (3.35 oz)
  • Length - 119 mm (4.68 in)

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