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Forbes: The Best Glasses For Sparkling Wine

Posted on 23/12/21

Forbes: The Best Glasses For Sparkling Wine

In the 19th century, the coupe was designed and intended to be used when drinking Champagne. While a beautiful shape, the coupe, with it’s its large surface area does not actually enhance Champagne because it dissipates aromas and effervescence. Then the flute grew in popularity, thanks to its shape, which caused less spillage. However, its thin opening does not allow for any expression of aromas. So if you’re focused on the full flavor of your bubbles, look for a big bowl, more like a wine glass.

We were excited to have Gabriel-Glas included in Jeanne O’Brien Coffey’s Forbes article, “Holiday Gift Guide 2021: The Best Glasses For Sparkling Wine.”

From the article:

“Gabriel-Glas: The brainchild of the renowned Swiss/German wine critic René Gabriel, who wanted to find a versatile glass for tasting all the wines he was exploring while authoring The WEINBIBEL, a comprehensive overview of the wine world written in German. Thus was born created Gabriel-Glas, a universal, all-purpose lead-free crystal glass, elegantly shaped to fully express any wine it delivers, including sparkling. The StandArt and the stemless DrinkArt, designed with a wider base and a conical shape at the top to gently decant and “drive” the bouquet and flavors of wine, are lovely and lightweight.”

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