Goodbye Summer, Hello Fall

Posted on 09/09/19

Goodbye Summer, Hello Fall - Gabriel-Glas North America

As summer rapidly comes to a close, many of us are enjoying the warm days and cooler nights with a delightful glass of wine served in the “One for All” Gabriel-Glas.  The two-glass gift box sets of StandArt, along with the six-glass and one glass boxes of both the StandArt and Gold Edition glasses have been difficult to keep in stock! Demand for the elegant, durable and supremely enjoyable Gabriel-Glas continues to grow exponentially since the “One for All” glass’s launch in the USA.  Meanwhile, the recent exciting press and blog posts from wine critics around the country continue to confirm that Gabriel-Glas is the go-to glass of choice for many. Please hear Marissa A. Ross, the Wine Editor of Bon Appetite Magazine comment about Gabriel-Glas on the publication’s podcast: LISTEN


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