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The 15 best wine glasses of 2022 for every budget and occasion

Posted on 19/12/22

The 15 best wine glasses of 2022 for every budget and occasion

New York Post

December 19, 2022

By Victoria Giardina


“Wine glasses are just like the finest of wines — they just get better over time.


Whether you’re entertaining for a large crowd or preparing to sit down for a romantic dinner with your significant other, having these trusty, elegant glasses will enhance the ambiance tenfold.


So, we rounded up the 15 best wine glasses of 2022. But, not just any glasses that can house your Cabernet or Riesling — we listed the very best, according to a certified sommelier.


“I always encourage my guests and customers to invest in a good set of wine glasses because using a proper wine glassware will enhance the process of tasting wine visually, olfactorily [with your sense of smell], gustatorily, and the entire drinking experience,” Joyce Lin, certified sommelier and NYC-based wine content creator, told the New York Post. Lin is also the founder of Sip with Joyce, a consulting firm and platform that promotes food and wine pairing with a strong focus on Asian cuisines. “You gotta have the right tool to let the wine shine. Trust me, it would be worth it.”


Which wine glass is best?


The golden question, right? “As long as the wine glass is thin, with a laser-thin rim, either made with high quality glass or crystal, to me, they are good wine glasses,” Lin says. “Of course, the craftsmanship, the design and the shape of the ball should all be considered when making your decision.”


From Lin’s personal tasting purpose, a universal wine glass works best for her, simple because universal wine glasses are designed to enjoy both white and red wines as well as rosé and even sparkling. “Plus, if you have limited storage space, a universal wine glass is ideal,” she adds.


There are a few special universal wine glasses Lin use frequently. “Each of them performs slightly differently but they are my all-time favorites: Gabriel-Glas “StandArt”, Josephine No.2 by Josephinenhütte, and Glas Vin,” she lists.


What to look for when buying a wine glass, per a sommelier


Lin has a cheat sheet of top tips to keep in your back pocket when shopping for your next fabulous wine glass:


  • Glass quality with a laser thin rim
  • Wine glasses made with crystal
  • Design and shape of the bowl
  • Price

“It’s very similar to buying wine — knowing your producers or importers guarantees the quality of the products,” Lin says. “Most importantly, knowing your needs and the purpose of buying a set of wine glasses and how much you want to spend per glass would help to narrow down the options.”


Gabriel-Glas StandArt Wine Glass


With a rounded bowl and classic look, the Gabriel-Glas Austrian Crystal Wine Glass is the perfect duo set less than $75. Namely, wine enthusiasts love it for bringing out the flavors of wine more richly (thanks to the shape of the glass).


With a rich-looking package, there’s no doubt the Gabriel-Glas Austrian Crystal Wine Glass is a charming selection. Not only does it make a perfect gift (for less than $50!) but it was made by highly skilled European craftsmen with lead-free Austrian crystal.”

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