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New York Post: The 15 best wine glasses of 2022 for every budget and occasion

Posted on 19/12/22

New York Post: The 15 best wine glasses of 2022 for every budget and occasion

Check out this article in the New York Post where Joyce Lin weighs in on the importance of fine stemware and why Gabriel-Glas tops the list...


"Which wine glass is best?

The golden question, right? “As long as the wine glass is thin, with a laser-thin rim, either made with high quality glass or crystal, to me, they are good wine glasses,” Lin says. “Of course, the craftsmanship, the design and the shape of the ball should all be considered when making your decision.”

From Lin’s personal tasting purpose, a universal wine glass works best for her, simple because universal wine glasses are designed to enjoy both white and red wines as well as rosé and even sparkling. “Plus, if you have limited storage space, a universal wine glass is ideal,” she adds.

There are a few special universal wine glasses Lin use frequently. “Each of them performs slightly differently but they are my all-time favorites: Gabriel-Glas “StandArt”, Josephine No.2 by Josephinenhütte, and Glas Vin,” she lists.

With a rounded bowl and classic look, the Gabriel-Glas Austrian Crystal Wine Glass is the perfect duo set less than $75. Namely, wine enthusiasts love it for bringing out the flavors of wine more richly (thanks to the shape of the glass)."


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Written by Victoria Giardina

December 19, 2022


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