Final Touch Polishing Cloth

An oversized, soft, lint-free microfiber polishing cloth.
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We tested hundreds of polishing cloths over the years and this oversized microfiber polishing cloth is the best we’ve seen. Thirsty enough to polish through a dishwasher filled with glasses and large enough for two-handed polishing of your Gabriel-Glas stem from aperture to footplate. With its sewn-edge it’ll never scratch your glasses and with a hanging loop it’ll dry easily.

Product Highlights

  • Perfect for cleaning your glasses with just water
  • Oversized to prevent your hands from touching glass when polishing
  • Lint and scratch-free
  • Machine-washable
  • Hanging loop for drying and storage
A Note from Jonah

"And here’s a pro tip: never polish your stemware by holding the footplate in one hand and the bowl in the other. This twisting action creates a “radial stress” on the stem and is the most common way to break your glass. Instead, cradle the bowl like a baby’s head and polish the bowl inside and out, then move to the stem, and finally the footplate."