• Gabriel-Glas Alpha Decanter - Gabriel-Glas North America
  • Gabriel-Glas Alpha Decanter - Gabriel-Glas North America
  • Gabriel-Glas Alpha Decanter - Gabriel-Glas North America
  • Gabriel-Glas Alpha Decanter - Gabriel-Glas North America

Gabriel-Glas Alpha Decanter

Completely hand-blown and handcrafted with a razor-sharp, no-drip rim.
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On the table this is a handsome work of art. In the hand, its thoughtful details make it practical to use; open on both ends for proper aeration, a diamond-honed rim for drip-free pouring, and a gentle curve so that mature wines can settle their sediment.

Product Highlights

  • Hand-blown and handcrafted
  • Brilliant lead-free crystal
  • Balanced for ease of pouring
  • Drip-free, diamond-honed rim
A Note from Jonah

"Decanting a wine is an act of respect. Respect for the wine in that a little oxygen and a chance to unfurl allows it to show off its complexity. Respect for the drinker in that a decanted wine is easier on the palate and more open on the nose. Alpha Decanter adds a touch of respect for the art of glass blowing with its graceful curve and precise details."

  • Height: 300 mm (11.81 in)
  • Width: 85 mm (3.34 in)
  • Weight: 715 g (25.22 oz) with variability since each is unique
  • Rinse with hot water after use
  • Dishwasher safe and recommended when needed
  • Powdered detergent is usually better than liquid
  • Be sure it's safe from falling over
  • Polish when damp and still steamy
  • Store in a well-ventilated area
Stunning Lead-Free Crystal

Made from carefully sourced, low-iron sand that is blended with a proprietary mix of metals and purifiers that add clarity and brilliance while also strengthening the material.

Graceful Design

Decanting a wine helps to open the aromas and soften the tannins. Doing these with elegance and beauty is simply a bonus.

Hand-blown and Handcrafted

The same artisans that make the stunning Gold Edition stems make the Alpha Decanter from the same, stunning, lead-free crystal.

Precise Details

The rim of the decanter is diamond cut and diamond polished to be razor sharp and drip-free.

Brilliant & Strong

The artistry of Gabriel-Glas lies at its very core: the crystal itself. It starts with the careful sourcing of low-iron sand (to prevent that familiar green cast of a Coke bottle) and the precise and constantly adjusted addition of metals and purifiers like Erbium through the melting process. The result is a stunningly brilliant, fiercely hard crystal.

Hand-blown & Handcrafted

Each Alpha Decanter is hand-blown and handcrafted from lead-free crystal by the same artisans that make the best-in-class Gold Edition stems. It takes years of experience and a hot furnace to be able to form the gentle curve of the decanter while maintaining the thickness of glass.

It’s all in the Details

Pouring from a decanter with the aplomb of a Master Sommelier requires a decanter that won’t drip red wine all over the tablecloth. And that requires a precisely finished, razor-sharp rim. For the Alpha Decanter it is cut by a diamond polished by a diamond wheel to give it a gorgeous look and a drip-free experience.

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scott Jacob

The service of Gabriel Glass is spectacular. Leah: a rock star!