Code38 P-Type Titanium

A lightly textured aerospace-grade titanium body with black Titanium coated components.
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Titanium is an incredible material; corrosion resistant, lightweight, and very strong. It has the highest strength to weight ratio of any material in the Code38 range. But it's very hard on tools and one of the most difficult materials to fabricate. Challenging to produce but a wonder to behold, the Titanium models are the professionals’ favorite for performance and grace.

Product Highlights

  • Body is milled from a solid bar of aerospace-grade Titanium
  • Lifter is milled from a solid stainless steel bar
  • Conical tapered helix with black PVD Titanium treatment
  • Blade is 440C knife-grade stainless steel with black Titanium treatment
  • Designed and built for heavy use in professional environments
  • Handmade in a solar-powered facility in Australia
  • Ships separately
A Note from Jonah

"Titanium. It is almost impossible to believe that Jeff and the team at Code38 found a way to fabricate such an absurdly hard and durable material into something as elegant as this wine key. You can feel, when you hold it, the duality of the material: light & strong. You can drink your way through the wine cellar at Bern’s with this beauty and never tire out."

  • Weight - 75 g
  • Length - 119 mm

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Customer Reviews

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Aaron J Hankins
My New Best (Waiter’s) Friend

Many thanks for the Code38 introduction! Their P-Type Titanium is truly a work of art. Highly functional. Stunning design. The quintessential wine key for this aerospace engineer and wine aficionado!