Code38 P-Type Titanium X

A lightened skeletal body made of pure Titanium with blue oxidized finish.
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The Titanium X pushes all the boundaries in terms of design and production capabilities. The body and lifter are very carefully milled from a solid piece of Titanium and then the body is finished and oxidized to a deep blue color. Using techniques developed for aerospace, the body is further lightened through milling of deep slots which is quite a feat with this material. 

Product Highlights

  • Body and lifter are milled from a solid bar of aerospace-grade Titanium.
  • Conical tapered helix with black PVD Titanium treatment.
  • Blade is 440C knife-grade stainless steel with black Titanium treatment.
  • Designed and built for heavy use in professional environments
  • Handmade in a solar-powered facility in Australia
  • Ships separately
A Note from Jonah

"Jeff Toering, maker of the Code38, once told me he dreams of materials and milling even when he is on vacation. The Titanium X wine key shows the world that he not only dreams like an engineer, but like an artist as well. Gorgeous to look at and luxurious to use this truly is the zenith of the craft."

  • Weight - 75 g
  • Length - 119 mm (4.68 in)

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